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Stormweaver is owned by Mark A. Sales, Ph.D. Over the course of his career, Mark has straddled the academic and business worlds. In academia, he pursued computational biophysics and received a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley. Since then, Dr. Sales has focused his energy into building a successful web programming and consulting business by building a network of satisfied clients.

Mark did his undergraduate work at Vanderbilt University. While there, he also spent considerable energy studying the more theoretical and mathematical side of computation. He gained his first taste of practical computer programming during a summer internship at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Using "old-school" programming techniques (Fortran), he produced a novel computational algorithm for calculating surface-tensions that was later published in Computers and Structures. He later worked on a computational project at the Fermi National Laboratory, developing code for analyzing high-energy particle collisions (written in C, Fortran and assembly code). Mark finished his undergraduate degree in math and physics with numerous honors: Summa Cum Laude from the University, Honors from the College of Arts and Sciences, High Honors from the department of physics. He was also the recipient of the Jones and Underwood awards in physics.

As a graduate student at the University of California at Berkeley, Mark gained significant experience working with people as well as continuing to expand his technical knowledge. Early in his years as graduate student, he discovered the joy of teaching. In a range of physics classes and discussions, Mark gained practical experience explaining complex technical concepts and problems in friendly, simple language - a valuable skill he carries into his client relationships. Working on his thesis and related publications, he also refined his communication skills in the new medium of technical writing. Furthering his technical knowledge, he spent three years as the system administrator of a networked computer laboratory, consisting of a range of workstations and servers in several flavors of UNIX. In the course of his research he studied the art of design patterns in modern object-oriented programming, and wrote scientific programs in a range of languages described in his thesis.

With the completion of his doctorate, Dr. Sales turned toward applying his broad knowledge of computation and web technologies to practical everyday business needs. To ease this transition, he audited a handful of classes at the Haas business school, and did a careful study of the latest research on the economics and business-strategy of information-goods like computer programs. Working with various client businesses in the bay area, he has developed hands-on practical experience with business websites and related technologies. He still enjoys doing traditional e-business programming for company websites, often working with clients one-on-one seeking creative ways to add value to their business.


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