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SceneChat was a startup company focused on improving social discussion around videos. We developed a drop-down widget for them that appears underneath each video. This widget allows comments to be placed in-stream within YouTube or Vimeo videos. It also streamlines the process of sharing the discussion on social media. The code is completely portable, so that anyone with videos on their website can enable all the capabilities by adding a short snippet of code on their own webpage. We also created a Wordpress plugin to make integration particularly easy for Wordpress users.

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From Shawn Hopwood, C.E.O., SceneChat & Vincita Networks Inc:

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I hired Mark in late 2010 as Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of our startup company, Vincita Networks. He worked for me for around 3 years. Though our startup ultimately fizzled, I think this hire was one of the best business decisions I made.

Since our startup was small, Mark wore many hats. He planned our technical strategy and wrote whitepapers. He led others in development. He wrote a lot of the code himself. In each of these areas he excelled.

During brainstorming, he was experienced with the give and take needed to uncover the best ideas. He quickly identified what was technically easy, hard or impossible. He was easy to engage in dialog to uncover the intersection between "what is possible" and "what we need." Whenever there were unresolved risks in our goals, he pressed for a "fail-fast" approach. That is, he assumed responsibility for pinpointing the biggest, most critical risks, and he advocated addressing those issues first.

During execution, Mark was a top-notch developer. I had many ways to assess this. First, his rate of development was impressive. When we took an early prototype to a leading VC in our niche, he was impressed: "you built that in 3 months?!" Second, when I contracted testing and scalability experts to offer tips to improve our code, their changes were small and quickly implemented. Our independent tester rarely found significant bugs. Third, when we hired other developers to assist Mark, they started making meaningful contributions very quickly. He led them effortlessly, and they clearly looked up to him. Fourth and finally, the resulting product was also solid. We won the approval of Robert Scoble and got a glowing reviews from FastCompany and AllThingsD. The impressive product demos were a major factor in successfully raising $250K in angel funds.

Mark is also an unusually talented writer. He wrote whitepapers for three different projects. His technical writing is concise and precise. Our patent lawyer found his papers clear and comprehensive enough to describe all the patent logic. Mark began each paper by distilling the value and purpose of the project with a couple beautiful examples or parallels. He provided enough historical context to expose the full potential of the project in the "big picture." Importantly, he presented this in an understated manner, steering clear of any questionable claims or hyperbole. Each paper was a work of art.

Finally, I should say a few words about his character. When a startup starts to run out of money, many people lose their stomachs and many relationships turn sour. Mark kept a cool head throughout our many crises. He was always good to his word, and he explained his personal limits fairly and consistently. He avoided placing blame on team members, and he advocated fairness, even when the house seemed to be burning down around us.

I would certainly use Mark again for my next project, and give him my highest recommendation.

Kurt Salmon


content management, workflow interface, drag & drop outline sorting, internationalization, database design, custom search

Kurt Salmon

Kurt Salmon is an international consulting company. Their website required a content management system that could meet a lot of challenging requriements. These included: handling a complex network of permissions between different offices, streamlining workflow handoffs, supporting overlapping categories and layers of content. They also needed something that could provide brand consistency and that was easy to learn without lots of confusing menus in the editor. After a couple other vendors failed to meet their needs, we developed a custom solution for them that they have used successfully since 2012.

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From Heather Blonkenfeld, Global Marketing and Communications Executive, Kurt Salmon Inc:

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We began working with Mark in 2011. At that time we had an unimaginably outdated content management system for our corporate site. While our site is relatively small in total pages and volume, it is incredibly complex and must be flexible enough to handle countless country-specific idiosyncrasies. After much deliberation and very sage counsel from Mark, we opted for a bespoke content management system to handle the unique needs of our global business, which Mark built on time and on budget.

And we have never regretted that choice or working with Mark. He has repeatedly proven himself as a rarely gifted developer and, importantly, a trusted advisor. With very complex projects, he has reliably delivered results where others could not. (And we have worked with numerous others.) He has the highest level of integrity and has been responsive to our needs with acute attention to detail. He is a clear communicator, unusually knowledgeable and insightful, and very pleasant to work with.

If you want to work with a true professional who has both strategic vision and flawless execution, I would not hesitate to recommend Mark Sales.



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DiaClear is a javascript web application that mixes an outliner with online chat to facilitate more in-depth discussions without losing track of ideas. It uses a diverse range of UI techniques. The left image links to a demo video. The source code can also be browsed on github at DiaClear is not really a client, but rather a pet project of Dr. Sales.

Infinite Massage


system administration, multi-role scheduling & permissions, database management,   bulk-email, google gadget UI, Mac widget UI, concurrency management for competing clicks

Infinite Massage

Infinite massage is a corporate massage agency that provides chair massages to many major corporations across the nation. This requires coordinating appointments and handling permissions between a number of different agents, and managing purchases with the Google checkout API. We have extended and maintained their PHP-based scheduling and billing systems since 2006.

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From Lee Shulman, C.O.O., Infinite Massage LLC:

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As a small business owner, I've had the privilege of contracting with Mark for several years on a variety of projects. We've contracted his programming and consulting services for shopping-cart integration, workflow-streamlining, high-load concurrency management for bookings, bulk email, desktop-widgets, LAMP & DNS system administration, server migrations, code refactoring, and emergency support. He has always displayed the utmost integrity, attention to detail and exceptional knowledge of his areas of expertise.

From design, to coding, to troubleshooting - we've been able to rely on Mark to deliver when others couldn't. The only reason I would hesitate to recommend him is because I want him to be available to work on our projects. Mark brings a level of professionalism and aptitude to his work that is rare in any field.

Chris Peterson Design


content management, wizard workflow, concurrency management

Chris Peterson

Chris Peterson is a high-end web designer with many large corporate clients. We have handled the technical facet of many of his designs since 2006. This has involved a spectrum of programs from corporate content-management to swim-club registration.

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From Chris Peterson, Owner, Chris Peterson Design:

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Mark has done amazing work for my web design studio since 2006. The quality of his work is superb, and he has consistently delivered very well-structured, scalable code for many of our projects. We've worked with several developers, and Mark stands out with his ability to translate business and design needs into clear functionality. He's simply been fantastic to work with.

Adams & Chittenden


content management, data structuring & migration, custom search, javascript freehand drawing widget

Adams & Chittenden

Tom Adams & George Chittenden run a scientific glassblowing shop in Berkeley that distributes custom glassware for laboratories around the world. Like many small businesses, they have built large website with many detailed pages, but which had grown rather unwieldy to maintain over the years. We extracted the active content from the rest, and put it into a central database, using a custom content manager to allow them to easily maintain and extend their content.



security auditing, system administration


Bandmix is a community website helping bands, musicians and venues find each other. As they grew to become a high-traffic web-portal, they became increasingly concerned about the stability and scalability of their platform. We performed a detailed auditing of the server and program framework in 2009, to assess the scalability and offer safe-guards against possible future problems.

Law Offices of Norton Tooby


legal-data-import, custom search, content management system, Magento shopping cart

Law Office of Norton Tooby

Norton Tooby's firm specializes in criminal immigration law, and he has written many of the authoritative books on the subject in his efforts to protect immigrants from unjust deportation. We built and developed the back-end of his site to support the purchasing and searching of various updates to his books in 2006-2007. This allowed them to make the latest relevant legal and trial information searchable for their subscribers. We are actively extending this program (2009-2010) into a completely new framework for their website



encryption, drm


Guitarviz offers an interactive training program for guitar tablature. In order to obtain copyrighted music from record companies, they needed a custom digital-rights management (DRM) system similar to iTunes. We created such a system for them to interact with their pre-existing programs. (2007-2008)


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